Have you been charged with a DUI?

The attorneys at McCormick and Vilushis firm have been on both sides of the law, having been former prosecutors prior to becoming defense attorneys. They know the many defenses to Pennsylvania’s drunk driving cases having handled cases just like yours.

You won’t receive a sales pitch, just straight forward advice. You also won’t have an associate whose name isn’t on the firm to handle your case. McCormick and Vilushis is one of only a few firms where every member has received recognition as excelling in law, receiving honors such as the Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list as well as Rising Stars.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you not to spend money on an attorney because “it’s just a DUI, it’s not that big of a deal.” Facing potential jail sentences and license suspension is a huge deal and likely one of the most fearful and potentially life-altering events in your life. Remember, everyone’s DUI case is different, so you cannot compare cases.

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You need to know if the officer had a reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop your vehicle

You need to know if the officer went over the proper warnings before they requested your blood or breath

You need to know if the breathalyzer was certified as accurate or properly calibrated

You need to know if the test was given within two hours of you having been in “active physical control” of the movement of the vehicle

You need to know if the video of the incident matches with the officer is alleging

You need to know if your commercial driver’s license (CDL) will be affected and how

You need to know if Miranda warnings needed to be given

You need to know what “ARD” is whether or not you are eligible and how much it costs

You need to know this and so much more!


Contact the attorneys at McCormick and Vilushis because they know the tactics police and prosecutors use. With that knowledge they will examine every aspect of your case to vigorously defend you.