Among the things that can have major impacts on people with disabilities here in Pennsylvania are what policies and practices are present in the state for helping those with disabilities.

Recently, the states were ranked on such policies by the ANCOR Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy. How did Pennsylvania do in these rankings?

It jumped up quite a bit from the previous report. In that past report, the state was in the bottom half of the nation, with a rank of No. 29. In comparison, in the recently released report, the state cracked the top 20. It was ranked 19th best in the nation for disability services.

Now, while it is encouraging to see Pennsylvania’s recent move up in the rankings, it is important to remember the state still has plenty of room to improve, as it is still behind a fair number of states. An example of an area the state still struggles in is that the employment rate of individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities remains low.

In your opinion, how does Pennsylvania do when it comes to disability services? Are there any particular improvements you would like to see made in the state when it comes to such services?

Another thing that can have major impacts for Pennsylvanians with disabilities are the rules and policies the U.S. Social Security Administration has for reviewing and making decisions on claims for Social Security disability benefits. These rules and policies can affect what sorts of issues come up for individuals when they are pursuing such benefits for financial relief. So, having the help of an attorney knowledgeable in SSD laws/rules and how to navigate the claims process can be a key thing for people with disabilities when bringing a claim.