Pennsylvania workers could be at risk of a serious injury accident. Some types of workplace incidents are more common than others. Liberty Mutual tracked some of the most frequent ones. The most common cause was overexertion, causing $13.11 billion in medical bills and other costs. The second most common cause was a fall on the same level, while the third most frequent way people were hurt at work was by being struck by equipment or another object.

Falling to a lower level, roadway incidents and motor vehicle accidents and slip or trip injuries were some of the other most common workplace accidents. Repetitive motion can always lead to serious injuries, as can being compressed between objects or struck against equipment. In total, the top 10 most disabling workplace accidents and injuries cost $46.93 billion each year. The study also examined the most common problems in specific industries. For example, construction workers were most likely to suffer severe injuries after falling to a lower level, and next most likely to be struck by an object. On the other hand, professional services workers were most likely to fall on the same level.

Workers in health care, manufacturing and retail were all most likely to suffer from overexertion as well as falls at the same level. Unlike the other industries, however, health care workers faced intentional injuries by others as the third most common reason to be hurt on the job.

Workplace injuries can be devastating, and victims can lose significant time on the job and face escalating medical bills. People who are injured on the job can consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer to pursue the benefits that they deserve.