Having law enforcement in Pennsylvania pull you over is never a fun thing, but there are actions you may take that could only make things worse. It is important that when you face a traffic stop to ensure you do everything possible to avoid making the situation more stressful than it already is. This is especially true when you face a DUI.

During a DUI stop, anything you do could be used against you once you go to court. You need to pay attention and cooperate as much as possible. While you certainly can and should stand up for your rights, you also need to respect the officer. Here are three additional things to keep in mind during a DUI stop.

  1. Do not offer more information than needed

The Huffington Post suggests that you use your 5th Amendment rights. You should reply to questions, but do not offer anymore information than legally required. Also, you need to know what questions you must answer and which ones you do not have to answer. You should only answer questions when it is a requirement in order to avoid providing the officer with information that could hurt your situation.

  1. Pull over right away

Do not try to pretend that you do not see the officer or that you do not know he or she is trying to pull you over. Do not continue to drive on at all once you see the lights behind you. Pull over as far off the roadway as you can or into a driveway or parking lot if one is available.

  1. Be polite

Being rude, condescending, mouthy or having any attitude is a really good way to anger the officer and end up in handcuffs. You should be polite throughout the interaction. Follow the instructions given and do not try to contradict the officer.

Following these three guidelines when law enforcement pulls you over for a DUI can help make the whole process easier. While you may still end up under arrest, you will at least not have given the officer anything he or she can use against you once you go to court.