After a workplace injury, you may be overwhelmed. Will time away from work leave your family without the support they need? How will you cover your medical expenses if you aren’t working? How long can you be away from work before you must return? Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits can help relieve the burden of many of your most pressing questions about money. What costs will workers’ compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation can assist with your medical expenses.

Medication, appointments, surgeries and other procedures are costly for many employees, but workers’ compensation can help cover the costs of their medical care. These payments can also help employees who require physical therapy, medication and other long-term treatments.

Workers’ compensation can help make up for lost paychecks.

Many workers need time away from their job to recover. This leaves them without the paychecks they rely on for daily expenses, but workers’ compensation benefits replace some of those lost wages.

Workers’ compensation can help after you lose use of a part of your body.

If a workplace injury leaves you permanently disabled, workers’ compensation offers you funds to offset the impact of that disability.

If an employee passes away, workers’ compensation offers benefits to their loved ones.

In some cases, injured workers lose their lives, and their families are left to pay for their funeral. However, workers’ compensation offers funds to the beneficiaries of people who pass away in workplace accidents, helping them cover funeral costs and other related expenses.

Workers’ compensation could offer you the funds you need to recover after a workplace accident.