After an injury on the job, you may have the right to receive benefits that cover your lost wages and medical expenses. However, you could be making some mistakes that will impact your workers’ compensation claim.

To ensure you receive the full amount you are eligible for, avoid these common mistakes that could put your reimbursement at risk.

Neglecting to file on time

In Pennsylvania, you must file a report of your accident with your employer within 120 days to receive compensation. If your employer’s insurance carrier denies your claim, you have three years to file a petition with the state.

If you miss these deadlines, you will likely lose out on any benefits for your injuries.

Posting on social media

Your social media activity could also provide evidence to deny your claim, even when your accounts are set to private. You should avoid posting anything that could jeopardize your benefits and never discuss the case online.

Ignoring medical advice

In Pennsylvania, insurance companies are legally allowed to hire private investigators to monitor your activities. Any evidence that you have failed to follow your doctor’s medical advice could undermine your workers’ compensation case.

Talking with your employer’s insurer directly

Insurance companies have little incentive to pay out benefits and will use any information you provide to justify denying your claim. Instead of speaking directly with the insurer, allow your legal representative to handle any communications.

Insurance carriers can be ruthless and intrusive, but a robust legal strategy can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.