There are many risks when you work on a construction site. Although you take the necessary precautions to prevent injury, sometimes accidents still happen.

Following an on-the-job injury, the steps you take affect your ability to recover the compensation you deserve. Knowing what to do helps you get the results you need from your workers’ comp claim.

Seek medical attention

If you sustain severe injuries, call 911 or go to the hospital immediately to get the appropriate care. If you do not need urgent medical treatment, you still need to see a doctor as soon as possible following the accident. Even something that seems minor can be significant over time. A health care professional must assess your condition before you return to work.

Report the accident to your supervisor

Notify the company as soon as you can regarding the incident. Put everything in writing, including crucial details such as the time of the accident, the location and the possible cause. Make a copy of your injury report to keep, date it and document the name and position of the supervisor who accepted it.

Record evidence and identify witnesses

Take photos of the location of the mishap, the equipment involved in the accident and your physical injuries. If you cannot take pictures, ask a co-worker to do it for you. Make a list of any witnesses to the incident. Have them document what they saw for your records.

Retain medical treatment records

Keep detailed documents of your bodily damages and any medical care, including costs. Remember to date everything for an accurate accounting of the events.

There are many rules and deadlines for securing compensation after an on-site injury. Following these steps and knowing the ins and outs of the legal process helps you get the justice you deserve.