Workers’ compensation insurance in Pennsylvania offers no-fault protection. Employers don’t have to worry about lawsuits from hurt workers in most cases, and workers don’t have to worry about losing benefits through minor mistakes on the job.

However, there are mistakes that could affect someone’s benefits. If you think you may need workers’ compensation because you just got hurt at work or diagnosed with a condition that relates to your employment, it is important that you avoid the mistakes listed below.

Failing to report to your employer or file a claim

Some workers hurt their workers’ compensation claims by waiting until the last minute to take necessary steps. Communicating with your employer as soon as you realize that you will need medical benefits or time off of work is important. That way, there are company records affirming your condition and its impact on your employment.

You also need to follow through with filing a claim quickly, rather than waiting to complete your treatment or fully return to work. Delays might mean that you unintentionally violate the rules and make yourself ineligible for benefits.

Failing to follow medical advice

Every treatment plan will put some degree of responsibility on the patient. Whether you need to undergo a surgery or perform physical therapy exercises at home, compliance with medical instructions will play a key role in your recovery.

Failing to follow directions from your doctor, especially if you don’t seek a second opinion quickly, could give the insurance company a defense against future medical claims and disability benefit claims.

Misusing social media while getting benefits

Some people treat their social media accounts as the highlight reel of their lives, but it has largely become the public outlet for people’s personal experiences.

Anything you share on social media could end up affecting your insurance claim, especially if you indicate that you aren’t in pain or dealing with medical symptoms. Even the most private social media accounts could leave someone vulnerable during the negotiation of a sizable workers’ compensation claim.

Identifying ways that you could hurt your chances of getting workers’ compensation benefits will make it easier for you to manage your claim and get back to work after your injury or diagnosis.