You never expected to find yourself in this situation. Your ex-partner, someone you recently broke up with, has gone to the police and accused you of domestic violence. You were arrested at your home, but you know that you never did anything to them to warrant this action against you.

This kind of situation is more common than you may believe. Frustrated, shunned exes can do things that put your freedoms at risk, so it’s essential that you take the time to build a defense and prepare to fight back.

How can you defend against false allegations of domestic violence?

False allegations of domestic violence are unfair to you and to people who have gone through real violence in their lives. No one should get away with falsely accusing someone of a crime they did not commit.

For now, you need to focus on proving that you did not violate any laws and that you did not commit domestic violence. There are a few ways you can do this and show that the false allegations were made deliberately.

Some ways to disprove the other person’s claims include:

  • Showing evidence of threatening to make the claims, such as a text stating that they’ll report you for domestic violence if you don’t do something they want.
  • Showing that you were not present at the time or place they said you were when the alleged violence happened.
  • Showing that the other party was actually the offender and has reported you as a way of “getting back at you.”
  • If the other person consented to certain violent acts, then you may have a good defense.
  • Showing that they don’t have proof. If there is no proof, there is rarely any case.

It’s hard to deal with allegations of abuse, but you can fight back against false allegations and protect your rights.

You can protect yourself against claims that aren’t true

False allegations are unfair, and you deserve an opportunity to prove that what has been said about you is untrue. Your attorney will work with you to find inconsistencies in the other person’s claims, so you can show they’re lying about your actions.