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Protecting Your Rights, Livelihood And Well-Being

When you are dealing with the effects of an injury or facing a criminal charge, you need an attorney you can trust to protect your freedom, your personal reputation, and your finances from damage.

In Erie, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities, you can turn to the local attorneys at McCormick & Vilushis LLC for attentive service from proven attorneys in the practice areas of personal injury, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability.

The Experience You Need When Your Rights And Livelihood

We have over 20 years of trial experience on both sides of the courtroom. We put this to good use for our neighbors in Erie. We understand how to navigate the local legal system and obtain favorable results for our clients, including those facing criminal charges and those who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to negligence.

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How to handle false domestic violence allegations

False domestic violence allegations occur when someone insincerely accuses another individual of abusive behavior within a domestic setting, such as a spouse, partner or family member. These allegations can lead to serious consequences for the accused, ranging from restraining orders and loss of child custody to potential criminal charges. The accused may suffer emotional distress, damage to their reputation and…

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