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Pennsylvania ranked in the top 20 for disability services

Among the things that can have major impacts on people with disabilities here in Pennsylvania are what policies and practices are present in the state for helping those with disabilities.

Recently, the states were ranked on such policies by the ANCOR Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy. How did Pennsylvania do in these rankings?

Old Advice Is Still The Best

There's an old adage - often attributed to luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain - that rings true in the context of criminal defense: 

  • "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" OR "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt." 


Why should you remain silent during police questioning?

If a police officer questions you about a crime, your first instinct may be to fully explain the details of the event. After all, you may think that you are helping by providing a complete report to the police.

The only problem is, this rarely works. The more you speak, the greater chance you have of increasing police suspicion.

Understanding Field Sobriety Tests

The district attorney's office prosecuting your DUI case will attempt to use your field sobriety test performance against you. However, a skilled defense attorney may be able to use the same test results to show you were not impaired at all. The attorneys of McCormick and Vilushis will thoroughly review your test performance to determine whether the field sobriety test will aid in your defense.

How DUI Audio and Video Recordings Can Be Used in Your Case

Every element of a Pennsylvania DUI charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to convict you. The district attorney will use any evidence that points to your guilt. Often times - particularly in cases involving the Pennsylvania State Police - that means audio and video recordings of the incident (assuming they exist). McCormick and Vilushis will always obtain and review such recordings to determine the validity of your case and whether or not it can be challenged in court.

Is there a time limit for filing a workers' compensation claim in PA?

Many people may put off notifying their employer of their injury or filing a claim for benefits because they do not know where to begin. However, delaying the filing of a claim can have a devastating effect on a worker's ability to receive benefits. Failure to file a claim on a timely basis may result in forfeiture of your right to benefits. For this reason, you should never delay in contacting an experienced Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyer after you have suffered a workplace injury.

Why would my workers' compensation claim is denied?

Following a workplace illness or injury, Pennsylvania workers are entitled to workers' compensation benefits under state law. However, there are a number of workers' compensation claims that do get denied by employers on a regular basis. Denial of a claim results in decreased liability for the insurance company and lower insurance premiums for your employer. For this reason, adjusters and employers will often search for any possible reason to deny your claim. The following are some examples of common denial reasons:

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