If you received a DUI,  you very likely have a number of questions. Possibly, you also fear there is no way to challenge a DUI charge in Pennsylvania. To avoid any misinformation, it is important to get clear answers to all your questions.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you may have options to avoid a conviction.

Lack of probable cause is one way to challenge a DUI

There must be a reason for the police to stop you. Law enforcement cannot pull you over if there is not some probable cause having to do with the way you are operating your vehicle. Before administering any sobriety tests, officers must first have reason to suspect impairment.

The results of tests are also questionable

Challenges to the accuracy and calibration of breath tests are possible. Field sobriety tests are carefully regulated and must be properly administered.

Police must follow strict procedures

The officers who stopped and cited you must have jurisdiction to do so where they issued the citation. Police are not allowed to withhold any evidence or testimony that might benefit your defense.

Remember the court possesses some latitude in dealing with DUI cases. Rulings may depend upon factors including your previous DUI citations, legal problems and alleged level of impairment. In general, Pennsylvania DUI laws focus upon restitution and the prevention of future impaired driving. Thus, regardless of the outcome of the case, every driver who faces a DUI charge should expect fair treatment and a hopeful result.