There are tens of thousands of blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania helping to repair vehicles and manufacture products. It’s quite common for blue-collar workers to perform the same job functions repeatedly throughout the day, which can eventually lead to injury.

Repetitive motion or repetitive stress injuries are a common concern for professionals in many fields. A manufacturing employee might develop a back injury associated with repetitive lifting and twisting, while an office worker could develop carpal tunnel syndrome from typing and gripping a phone all day. Continuing to perform the same job tasks for eight hours a day, year after year, could easily lead to a repetitive stress injury that will affect someone’s job performance.

How can workers’ compensation help with repetitive motion injuries?

A worker does not need to get hurt in an incident on the job, like a vehicle collision or machinery malfunction. They only need a doctor to diagnose them with a medical condition directly related to their employment to potentially qualify for benefits.

The worker will need to notify their employer and abide by medical recommendations regarding their work and treatment. A workers’ compensation claim can cover the cost of someone’s care and replace their wages if they require a leave of absence so their body can heal. If the injury causes lasting limitations, as is common with injuries related to repetitive job functions, permanent partial disability benefits can help reduce how much income they lose because of their medical limitations.

As a final benefit, a workers’ compensation claim provides a form of formal recognition that a worker has a disabling medical condition, which will make it easier for the employee to ask for accommodations or push back if their employer discriminates against them because of their injury.

Too many workers in a variety of professions try to force themselves to continue functioning on the job despite pain, reduced strength and limited range of motion caused by using their bodies to repetitively perform the same functions. Recognizing that workers’ compensation coverage is available could help an employee protect themselves from worsening injury and their family from financial hardship related to their evolving health issues.