Facing a DUI (driving under the influence) charge in Erie County, Pennsylvania? Even if it is your first offense, the consequences can be severe. While there are no guarantees, it is possible to get a DUI charge dropped in Pennsylvania. However, navigating the complexities of the Erie County court system alone could lead to legal, financial, and personal disaster. It is best to work with a qualified DUI defense attorney with years of experience and established relationships with state and county prosecutors.

Potential Ways to Get a DUI Charge Dropped in Erie

How can you get a DUI charge dropped in Pennsylvania? There are a few ways to get your case dismissed or charges dropped:

  • Question Validity of Traffic Stop – Before they can pull you over, police officers need reasonable suspicion that you could be driving under the influence. These reasons usually include erratic driving, weaving, and speed (over or under the speed limit). Often, these are the heart of a prosecutor’s case. If law enforcement cannot show reasonable suspicion or probable cause, a defense attorney could seek an exclusion of any statements or sobriety tests from the traffic stop.
  • Challenge Field Sobriety Tests – Field sobriety tests (FSTs) are typically part of a prosecutor’s case. FSTs like walk and turn, one-leg stand, or horizontal gaze are subject to human error. It is possible to raise doubt about field sobriety test results due to improper footwear, uneven pavement, unclear instructions, or medical conditions.
  • Contest Chemical Test Results – Chemical tests for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can be problematic, and it is your right to contest the results. Improperly calibrated or maintained breathalyzers, potential sample contamination, or improper test administration can support a motion to drop the charges.
  • Show You Weren’t Driving – You might fail the sobriety test, but you could seek dismissal of a DUI charge if you were not driving. Photos, surveillance videos, or witness statements could show you did not operate or control the vehicle.

Call a DUI Defense Attorney in Erie, PA

McCormick & Vilushis, LLC, has extensive local experience handling DUI cases. Both founding partners are former members of the Erie County district’s attorney’s office. This unique insight and over 30 years of legal experience can help us seek dropped charges.

Why take a chance with your future? If you are confronting a DUI charge, get help from experienced criminal defense lawyers in Erie. Contact us today for a free consultation.