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Category: Criminal Defense

How to handle false domestic violence allegations

False domestic violence allegations occur when someone insincerely accuses another individual of abusive behavior within a domestic setting, such as a spouse, partner or family member. These allegations can lead to serious consequences for the accused, ranging from restraining orders and loss of child custody to potential criminal charges. The accused may suffer emotional distress, damage to their reputation and…

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Strategies to avoid a holiday assault charge

Families can be great – but they can also get under your skin like nobody else. Family dynamics, when they include some long-standing rivalries or unresolved issues, can make your celebratory dinner tense. Maybe your brother has always felt it necessary to verbally tear you down and belittle your occupation. Maybe your uncle has always attacked your religion, your politics,…

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Is there a good defense against domestic violence charges?

You never expected to find yourself in this situation. Your ex-partner, someone you recently broke up with, has gone to the police and accused you of domestic violence. You were arrested at your home, but you know that you never did anything to them to warrant this action against you. This kind of situation is more common than you may…

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How does a DUI affect my insurance coverage?

Slipping behind the wheel for a short drive home after a few social drinks with friends can lead to an arrest for driving under the influence. From the initial charges to the potential conviction, everything about your ability to drive may change. Not only can a conviction for DUI lead to fines, jail time or a license suspension, but you…

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An important high-court decision affecting warrantless searches

A recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling will likely change the steps law enforcement officers take in conducting warrantless searches when they pull over a vehicle and smell marijuana. While it can be considered as a factor, the odor itself cannot be the only reason to move forward with a search. The traffic stop The high court ruling came from a…

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First-time DUI offenders may qualify to enter the ARD program

If law enforcement arrests you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, the experience can be unnerving and worrisome, as will the prospect of a DUI mark on your record. However, the ARD program is available in Pennsylvania, and you may qualify. What is this and how will it help to resolve the DUI charge against you? About…

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DUIs and targeted stops

If you are like many people, you enjoy getting drinks with friends after a hard days’ work. Afterward, you may feel that you are sober enough to drive home. Even if you are extra careful around other drivers, a traffic stop could lead you to problems. Pennsylvania State Police recently launched Operation Nighthawk, which set up targeted stops around Erie…

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What kinds of drug charges are a felony in Pennsylvania?

With drug laws constantly changing around the United States, it can be hard to keep up. Although Pennsylvania does not have the most lenient charges around the country, the state also does not have the most prohibitive restrictions, either. As such, if you question which drug charges can result in a felony, you are not alone. In Pennsylvania, you may…

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You should know how to challenge a DUI case

If you received a DUI,  you very likely have a number of questions. Possibly, you also fear there is no way to challenge a DUI charge in Pennsylvania. To avoid any misinformation, it is important to get clear answers to all your questions. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you may have options to avoid a conviction. Lack of…

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Types of assault in Pennsylvania: Simple vs aggravated

In the state of Pennsylvania, the law takes harming another individual seriously. For this reason, there are two kinds of charges you may face if someone believes you have intentionally or recklessly caused bodily injury to them. According to the state legislature, an individual may commit a simple assault or an aggravated assault, depending on different factors. For example, intent,…

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