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Category: Social Security Disability

What happens during an SSDI benefits appeal?

Workers make contributions to the Social Security Administration (SSA) from their income. The funds that they submit to the SSA help fund programs that provide both disability benefits and retirement support for older adults who have worked enough to qualify. They also allow individual workers to accrue credits for their contributions that allow them to claim benefits later when they…

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Does your medical condition qualify for SSDI benefits?

If you are like many working adults, you probably ignored your symptoms at first because you thought they would clear up in a few days. Eventually, you had to see a doctor, who diagnosed you with a very serious medical condition. Perhaps you have multiple sclerosis or some kind of cancer. The condition and the symptoms it creates are debilitating…

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What happens at an SSDI benefits hearing?

If you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you receive compensation to help you support yourself when you cannot work. You should not expect to receive approval of your benefits application immediately, however. After all, the Social Security Administration denies most first-time applications. Once you receive a denial, you have the opportunity to request a hearing before an administrative…

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Medical records are essential for disability benefits approval

In reviewing your claim for disability benefits, the Social Security Administration wants “objective medical evidence” that supports your claim. Among the medical records the SSA requires are some specific documents your doctor, therapist or counselor must sign. About medical records It would be difficult for you to obtain approval for Social Security Disability benefits if you do not provide recent…

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How to prove disability to the SSA

To qualify for the Social Security Disability Insurance, you have to prove to the relevant authorities that you are in need of assistance. This is a crucial step, as it helps to fight potential fraud.  As a matter of fact, the Social Security Administration awards most SSDI applications upon appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. For this reason, you need to be…

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Social Security Disability denied: what is my next step?

According to studies, one in four workers will experience a disability that prevents them from working by the time they reach retirement. While disabilities may not be uncommon for workers, the process for applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. SSDI applications have a notoriously high rejection rate. Well over half of qualified…

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Pennsylvania ranked in the top 20 for disability services

Among the things that can have major impacts on people with disabilities here in Pennsylvania are what policies and practices are present in the state for helping those with disabilities. Recently, the states were ranked on such policies by the ANCOR Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy. How did Pennsylvania do in these rankings? It jumped up quite a bit from…

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