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Drug Charges

Thorough Representation Against Drug Charges

Drug possession or trafficking charges are serious — and they require a thorough defense. At McCormick & Vilushis LLC, we pay attention to the details in your case. From your arrest to the courtroom, our attorneys are ready to protect your rights.

Because we are former Pennsylvania prosecutors, we know exactly what your opposition might argue as they seek to convict you. In your defense, we will stand up and meet these charges with a well-developed strategy.

Challenging The Factors Of The Accusations

We are determined to collect and present evidence that could be pivotal for your case. Through police reports, medical records and witness testimony, we will work to achieve the best results possible.

When defending you against drug allegations, our attorneys may help you contend that:

  • The drugs did not belong to you, but were in your possession without your knowledge
  • The drugs were not in your possession and you are not the correct suspect
  • The amount of substance is either legal or does not justify the seriousness of the charges
  • Police only found the substance during a wrongful search of your property, which undermines the evidence against you
  • You did not intend to sell or distribute the drug (in cases involving drug trafficking charges)
  • You have a prescription or other lawful privilege to carry or use the drug

Whether your case potentially involves a misdemeanor or a critical felony drug charge, our experienced lawyers will take your criminal defense seriously. We understand that your future depends on the outcome of your drug defense case, which is why we are aggressive advocates on your behalf.

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Every interaction you have with police, prosecutors and potential witnesses could impact your case. Do not hesitate to call a lawyer who can protect you from accidental self-incrimination — even if you are innocent.

Based in Erie, McCormick & Vilushis LLC is ready to represent you against criminal drug charges and to help you navigate any difficulties during the legal process. Request a free consultation through our website to learn how we could help build your defense case. You may also call our attorneys at 814-455-5362.

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