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DUI Defense

The Legal Protection You Need After A DUI Arrest

After being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you need qualified and experienced legal representation from a DUI lawyer. Otherwise, your charges may quickly escalate and lead to a license suspension, high-dollar fines or even jail time.

The attorneys at McCormick & Vilushis LLC, in Erie, have extensive local experience handling DUI cases and dram shop laws. Pennsylvania laws are strict, and the trend is that laws passed toughen the penalties for first-time and multiple-time offenders. However, we have the experience and the team required to make a solid defense to protect your rights.

An Experienced Lawyer Is An Asset To Your Case

After an arrest, consider that the sole presence of a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08% or metabolites in your body does not make you guilty of the charges you face. Instead, you have a right to defend yourself. That is where our attorneys can help you.

When we work on your case, we will thoroughly investigate the due process and look for flaws from law enforcement to design a defense strategy. For instance, did:

  • The officer have a reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • The officer go over the proper warnings before they requested your blood or breath?
  • You receive an accurate or properly calibrated breathalyzer?
  • You receive a test given within two hours of you having been in “active physical control” of the movement of the vehicle?
  • The officer take a video of the incident that matches with what they are alleging?

At McCormick & Vilushis LLC, we have over 30 years of experience handling complex DUI charges and those related to driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). In addition to our legal knowledge, we will work jointly with drug recognition experts (DREs) to make a solid case for you.

Exploring Alternative Avenues To Resolution

Having an attorney on board early in your case will help you learn your options and decide on a course of action. For example, for individuals with no (or a very limited) criminal record charged with a relatively minor, nonviolent offense(s), Pennsylvania has a unique program called Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).

The program encourages offenders to make a fresh start after participation in a rehabilitative program. It offers them the possibility of a clean criminal record if they successfully complete the program. If you meet certain qualifications, your case will be placed on hold, and if you continue to meet those requirements, your case will potentially be dismissed completely and expunged from your criminal record.

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