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Truck Accidents

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Accidents involving commercial trucks can cause catastrophic damage to vehicles and other drivers. The sheer size of a big rig means that truck drivers have a duty to drive carefully, as the consequences can be dire if they don’t.

If you have been injured in an Erie, PA accident with a large commercial truck, you could be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. When you secure our help, we will make sure that the necessary evidence is collected and all of your injuries are properly documented, so that you can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For My Injuries?

At our Erie, PA truck accident firm, we can work with you to help determine who can be held liable for your accident. In these kinds of cases, more than one party is often at fault.

We help victims of trucking accidents recover compensation from:

  • Trucking companies
  • Truck operators
  • Truck repair facilities
  • Drivers of passenger vehicles involved in the accident
  • City, county and state governments
  • Vehicle manufacturers

Going up against a large trucking company can be intimidating. You need the help of dedicated Erie, PA truck accident lawyers who will aggressively fight for your right to get the compensation you deserve. Regardless of the details surrounding your truck accident, you need serious legal representation, and we are prepared to provide it.

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