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When you are a customer or guest to someone else’s property, the property owners have a responsibility to warn you of any potential hazards that could lead to your injury. When safety standards are ignored and customers are not made aware of hidden dangers, accidents can happen and innocent people can be unnecessarily hurt. If you have been injured in an accident resulting from someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation with the help of the dedicated Erie, Pennsylvania, slip-and-fall injury lawyers from McCormick & Vilushis LLC.

Our Erie, Pennsylvania, slip-and-fall injury lawyers are relentless in their pursuit of justice for our clients, having successfully represented thousands of cases. With decades of combined legal knowledge, we are intricately familiar with the legal system and are eager to walk you through the process of filing a claim for your injuries. Protecting your rights is our top priority, and we are prepared to do all we can to recover the largest possible settlement for your case.

What Is A Slip & Fall?

While the term “slip-and-fall” is used as a general statement, any accident that involves a tripping or slipping hazard underfoot can be considered to be a slip-and-fall. Broken tiles, wet floors, objects on stairs, sidewalk deviations, and potholes can all lead to an injury if proper warning is not given of their presence.

In Pennsylvania, successful premises liability claims require proof that the property owner acted negligently.

In order to show negligence, the following must be proven:

  1. The defendant knew or had reason to know of the dangerous condition
  2. Despite this notice, the defendant failed to take reasonable precautions to repair the dangerous condition or give warning
  3. You were injured as a result of the property owner’s failure to take action

If negligence can be proven, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for damages related to the accident, such as medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident, McCormick & Vilushis LLC can provide the skillful representation you need to get you through this difficult time. With personalized attention and steadfast dedication to your case, we can help you get through this difficult time by making every effort to ensure that your rights are protected. Our Erie, Pennsylvania, premises liability lawyers are prepared to vigorously protect your interests and seek the most desirable outcome for your case.

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