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Help For Workers With Shoulder Injuries

Nearly every type of job requires some type of shoulder movement. From lifting, pushing and turning to small, repetitive motions, it is no wonder that shoulder injuries in the workplace are common. If you have hurt your shoulder at work, an experienced lawyer can help you recover the workers’ compensation benefits you need.

At the law firm of McCormick & Vilushis LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to helping workers from all professions through the workers’ comp process.

We Handle All Injury Claims

We represent workers who are struggling with all types of shoulder injuries, including those involving:

  • Torn rotator cuff
  • Dislocation
  • Nerve damage
  • Range of motion impairment

Shoulder injuries can differ greatly in their severity. Some may only require a temporary leave of absence from your job with the expectation that you will make a full recovery. Others may be much more serious and may even end up being permanent, requiring ongoing rehabilitation and therapy. It is important to seek help from a legal team who can help develop a complete picture of your injury and the impact it is expected to have on your life. Together, we will work hard to help ensure that you recover all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

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